Coordinated Plan

One of the largest deliverables for the NFRMPO’s Mobility Coordination Program is the Coordinated Public Transit/Human Service Transportation Plan (Coordinated Plan). Throughout late 2016 and into 2017, NFRMPO staff will be undertaking an update to the current 2013 Coordinated Plan, which is available for download here:

2013 Coordinated Plan

Executive Summary
Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Socio-Economic Characteristics
Chapter 3 – Public Transit and Human Service Programs
Chapter 4 – Local and State Issues
Chapter 5 – Planning Issues for Federal Transit Administration Programs
Chapter 6 – Goals and Strategies

2013 Coordinated Plan Appendices

The Coordinated Plan brings together representatives from human service agencies and transit agencies to set strategies, goals, and objectives for the two Mobility Committees over the next four years. Human service agencies provide transportation to recognized transportation-disadvantaged groups, including seniors, individuals with disabilities, and persons with limited means. Bringing groups who serve these populations together with the transit agencies allows for each agency to better serve those in need.

SAFETEA-LU and subsequent transportation legislation requires Coordinated Plans to:

  • identify the transportation needs of individuals with disabilities, older adults, and people with low incomes;
  • provide strategies for meeting those needs; and
  • prioritize transportation services for funding and implementation.

For those interested in being part of the Coordinated Plan process, below are materials distributed at outreach events. Also listed below is the outreach event schedule where NFRMPO staff will be giving presentations and discussing the needs and issues of the transportation system. Stay up-to-date with the overall NFRMPO public outreach schedule.

2017 Coordinated Plan Outreach Schedule (Current: April 2017)
2017 Coordinated Plan Outreach Presentation
2017 Coordination Plan Kick-Off Meeting Notes
2017 Coordination Plan Kick-Off Meeting Presentation
2017 Coordinated Plan Draft


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