2025 Active Transportation Plan

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What is the ATP?

The Active Transportation Plan (ATP) is the active transportation aspect of the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) for the NFRMPO region. We update the plan every four years to use current information to evaluate our current active transportation system and to make recommendations on how to improve the system.

Our most recent ATP was adopted in July 2021. The plan can be downloaded from our Bike and Ped page.


What is considered in the ATP?

The ATP considers the entire active transportation system, including on-street bike lanes, multiuse paths, sidewalks, transit connections, and emerging technology. As part of the process, we look at what exists today and what local communities have planned. The ATP will be used to guide the development of the Regional Active Transportation Corridors (RATCs).


What is the timeline of the project?

ATP Timeline
Note: Timeline valid as of November 14, 2023.

2025 ATP Outreach Strategy

The NFRMPO is developing an Outreach Strategy for the RTP that will ensure a clear, concise set of tools for engagement, both virtual and in-person.
2025 ATP Strategy

Future 2025 ATP Presentations

  • Greeley Bikes- November 17th


Resources will be updated as they become available.

Contact Jerome Rouser at jrouser@nfrmpo.org or (970) 422-1096.