Until further notice, the NFRMPO office is closed beginning on March 19. NFRMPO and VanGo™ staff are working remotely and are best reached via email.

MPO Training

The NFRMPO Online Training Series provides short, informational videos on the NFRMPO and its planning activities. Additional training videos are under development, so check back soon for more content!

Training Video 1: What is an MPO?

Video length: 5:28

  • CFR 23 §450.310 – Metropolitan planning organization designation and redesignation

Training Video 4g: Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Video length: 7:27

  • 23 CFR §450.326 – Development and content of the transportation improvement program (TIP)
  • Executive Order (EO) 12898 – Federal Actions To Address Environmental Justice in Minority Populations and Low-Income Populations
  • USDOT Order 5610.2(a) – Final DOT Environmental Justice Order
  • 40 CFR §93 Subpart A – Conformity to State or Federal Implementation Plans of Transportation Plans, Programs, and Projects Developed, Funded or Approved Under Title 23 U.S.C. or the Federal Transit Laws

Training Video 6: Mobility

Video length: 5:17

  • 49 USC 5310 – Formula Grants for the Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities