Transportation Safety Map

Traffic crashes are a major safety problem in Colorado and in the NFRMPO region. In 2020, the NFRMPO Planning Council adopted a Safety Vision: Towards Zero Deaths acknowledging there is no acceptable number of deaths or serious injuries on the road network. The Resolution outlined actions the NFRMPO can take to enhance safety planning in the work the NFRMPO completes. See below for a current list of Safety tasks the NFRMPO is working on.

Bike and Ped Safety Reporter Tool

Bike & PED Safety Reporter The NFRMPO identified several action steps to improve active transportation in the NFRMPO region as part of the 2021 Regional Active Transportation Plan. One of the safety-focused action steps is the development of a regional crowdsourced reporting tool to supplement crash data and identify areas in the region where individuals feel unsafe using active transportation. Often, parts of the transportation system are only deemed unsafe after an incident happens. In the Spring of 2022, the NFRMPO and regional partners worked to create and pilot the Bike and Ped Safety Reporter tool. This tool gives the general public the ability to report hazards to people walking, biking, or rolling without a major incident.
QR Code to navigate to the Bike and Ped Safety Reporter Tool
Click on or scan the QR code with your phone to view the Bike and Ped Safety Reporter tool. Click here to view the Bike and Ped Safety Reporter Dashboard.

Safety Data Working Group (SDWG)

To carry out the actions outlined in the Safety Vision, the NFRMPO convened the first Safety Data Working Group in February 2022. The SWGD is an evolving group made up of planners, engineers, geographic information system (GIS) professionals, and other Staff from local, state, and federal NFRMPO partners. The SDWG will work on projects including the Bike and Ped Safety Reporter tool, crash data analysis, and data exchange through quarterly meetings.

Staff contact: AnnaRose Cunningham – or (970) 818-9497