Regional Transportation Plan

2045 RTP

Draft 2045 RTP logo with textThe NFRMPO is currently undertaking the 2045 Regional Transportation Plan (2045 RTP). The Regional Travel Demand Model is currently being updated as are the existing conditions of the region’s socioeconomic data and transportation system. Below is a current draft schedule of the adoption of the 2045 RTP.

Schedule of the 2045 RTP

To find out how to get involved in the 2045 RTP, visit the public comment page.


2040 RTP

Cover of the 2040 RTP, with pictures of autos, a MAX bus, and a cyclistThe North Front Range region enjoys a diverse and growing community, and a unique environment. The rapid and continued growth of the region requires that transportation investments keep up with development to maintain a vibrant economy. To better plan for the future of the region’s transportation system, the NFRMPO has prepared the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). The 2040 RTP is a federally-mandated plan for Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and includes a long-term transportation vision for the region. The 2040 RTP summarizes the existing transportation system: roadways, transit, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, the environment, and includes a fiscally-constrained corridor plan for the future.

The 2040 RTP was amended on February 2, 2017 and June 1, 2017. View the plan at the links below, or read more about the components of the 2040 RTP.

2040 Regional Transportation Plan Amended – Complete Document

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Existing Transportation System
Chapter 3: Socio-Economic Profile
Chapter 4: Performance-Based Planning
Chapter 5: Environmental Profile
Chapter 6: Transportation Safety and Security
Chapter 7: Travel-Demand Analysis
Chapter 8: Plan Scenarios
Chapter 9: Vision Plan
Chapter 10: Financial Plan
Chapter 11: Congestion Management Process
Chapter 12: Implementation
Appendix A: Public Involvement
Appendix B: Air Quality Conformity
Appendix C: RTP Amendment #1 (February 2017)
Appendix D: RTP Amendment #2 (June 2017)

The 2040 RTP as approved on September 3, 2015 is available for download at the link below.
2040 Regional Transportation Plan – Complete Document

Cover of the 2040 RTP Brochure, showing pictures of autos, a MAX bus, and a cyclist

2040 RTP Summary Brochure

A copy of the Plan is also available at the NFRMPO offices located at:
419 Canyon Avenue, Suite 300
Fort Collins, Colorado 80521

Anyone needing special accommodations to access the content of the Plan should contact the NFRMPO at