Regional Transportation Plan

The 2050 RTP is under development

The NFRMPO is holding a Call for Amendments to the 2045 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) from January 14, 2022 through Friday, January 28, 2022. During this Call, project sponsors have the ability to submit a request to add, remove, or change the staging period of a regionally significant project in the 2045 RTP. To learn more, please contact Medora Bornhoft at

2045 RTP

Draft 2045 RTP logo with textThe 2045 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) provides a long-range vision for the North Front Range regional transportation system and guides the implementation of multimodal transportation improvements, policies, and programs in the region.

With a projected population increase of 88 percent from 2015 to 2045, the North Front Range region is rapidly growing and requires strategic transportation investments to maintain a vibrant economy. The 2045 RTP is a federally mandated plan that helps prepare for the future through corridor visioning which captures current and future transportation characteristics of significant corridors for all travel modes and identifies a fiscally-constrained corridor plan.

The 2045 RTP was adopted by the North Front Range Transportation & Air Quality Planning Council (NFRT&AQPC) on September 5, 2019.

See the links below for the complete document, individual chapters, and the 4-page summary brochure.

2045 Regional Transportation Plan – Complete Document
Cover of 2045 RTP

Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2, Section 1: NFRMPO System
Chapter 2, Section 2: Socio-Economic Profile
Chapter 2, Section 3: Performance-Based Planning
Chapter 2, Section 4: Environmental Profile
Chapter 2, Section 5: Safety and Resiliency
Chapter 3, Section 1: Technology
Chapter 3, Section 2: Vision Plans
Chapter 3, Section 3: 2045 Forecast and Scenarios
Chapter 3, Section 4: Fiscally Constrained Plan
Chapter 3, Section 5: Plan Projects
Chapter 4: Public Outreach
Chapter 5: Implementation
Appendix A: Air Quality Conformity
Appendix B: Unconstrained Plan Projects
Appendix C: 2019 System Performance Report

Cover of 2045 RTP Summary Brochure

2045 RTP Summary Brochure
2045 RTP Summary Brochure – Spanish






A copy of the Plan is also available at the NFRMPO offices located at:
419 Canyon Avenue, Suite 300
Fort Collins, Colorado 80521

Anyone needing special accommodations to access the content of the Plan should contact Becky Karasko at

Project contact: Becky Karasko, AICP — (970) 289-8281,