The NFRMPO staff complete all of the federal and state requirements to allow the local member communities to spend federal and state transportation funding. Staff provide professional planning services through the development of the Regional Transportation Plan including sub-plans for transit, non-motorized, and Congestion Management Process. The staff are also responsible for the ongoing administration of the region’s Transportation Improvement Program and periodic Call for Projects for federal funding for the region. Staff are managed by an Executive Director who reports to the Planning Council.

Main Office: 970.800.9560


Suzette Mallette – 970.986.4197

Primary Responsibilities

    • Leads Operations and Represents NFRMPO to Member Institutions
    • NFRMPO Planning Council
    • Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) Budget
    • Legislative and Policy Initiatives
    • Staff Administration
    • Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) board member
    • Statewide MPO Committee
    • Statewide Transportation Advisory Committee (STAC) Support


Accounting Manager
Merideth Kimsey – 970.289.8284

Primary Responsibilities

    • Oversight of all Accounting Functions
    • Financial Statements
    • Budget
    • Government Financial Reports

Accounting Clerk III
Vacant – 970.289.8282

Primary Responsibilities

    • Purchasing Agent
    • Payroll Processing
    • CDOT Billing
    • Local Community Billing

Office Administrator
Barbara Bills – 970.289.8280

Primary Responsibilities

    • VanGo™ Billing and Administrative Functions
    • Accounts Payable
    • NTD Reporting
    • MPO Administrative Functions
    • Administrative Liaison to Planning Council
    • Human Resources Liaison
    • Meeting Logistics and Management
    • Legal Notices


Transportation Planning Director
Becky Karasko, AICP – 970.289.8281

Primary Responsibilities

    • Transportation Planning Team Leader
    • NFRMPO Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
    • Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and Associated Sub-plans
    • Manages Air Quality Compliance
    • Freight Planning
    • Statewide MPO Committee
    • Southwest Chief & Front Range Passenger Rail Commission Member
    • Title VI Coordinator
    • Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) Tasks

Transportation Planner III
Alex Gordon, PTP – 970.289.8279

Primary Responsibilities

    • Legislative Tracking and Reporting
    • Develops and Implements Coordinated Plan on Behalf of Mobility Coordination Program
    • Coordinates Public Outreach
    • Regional Transit Element (RTE)
    • Land Use Model
    • Environmental Justice (EJ)
    • Larimer County Built Environment Leadership Team
    • NoCo Bike and Ped Collaborative
    • TDM Planning
    • LINKNoCo Project Manager

Transportation and Air Quality Planner III
Medora Bornhoft, PTP – 970.289.8283

Primary Responsibilities

    • Air Quality Planning
    • Travel Demand Modeling
    • Congestion Management Process (CMP)
    • Website Maintenance

Transportation Planner II
AnnaRose Cunningham – 970.818.9497

Primary Responsibilities

    • Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Development and Maintenance
    • Coordinates NFRMPO Calls for Projects
    • Coordinates GOPMT and Performance-Based Planning
    • On the Move Newsletter

Transportation Planner
Vacant – 970.422.1096

Primary Responsibilities

    • Non-motorized Transportation Planning
    • Mobile Counter Program Coordinator


Mobility Manager
Cory Schmitt – 970.999.0072

Primary Responsibilities

    • Develops and manages One Call/One Click Center, RideNoCo 
    • Manages the Mobility Program
    • ADA Coordination Contact

Mobility Coordinator 
Hanna Johnson– 970.672.0677

Primary Responsibilities

    • Provides customer service for One Call/One Click Center, RideNoCo
    • Leads community outreach activities to inform riders of transportation options
    • Provides programmatic and administrative support to Mobility Program


Operations Services/ Fleet Management
Shane Armstrong – 970.986.4130

Primary Responsibilities

    • VanGo™ Vanpool Service Operations
    • Manage VanGo™ and NFRMPO Fleet Vehicles
    • Maintain VanGo™ Website and Participant Database
    • VanGo™ Participant Recruitment and Retention