Public Involvement

Photo of NFRMPO outreach booth with MPO Staff talking to four peoplePublic involvement is crucial to the core principles of the NFRMPO and the overall planning process. Effective public involvement allows for an open exchange between the public and transportation decision makers. Understanding the importance of public involvement and participation in the planning process improves the quality and accuracy of regional plans and funding decisions. With public input, stakeholder approval, and an open, transparent process, public plans have a better chance for buy-in and implementation. The public should be involved early and often throughout the planning process.

Public involvement should be, and in many cases is required to be, used in the NFRMPO’s planning activities and processes. Any process that leads to a change in policy, an update to an existing plan, or allocates State or federal funds requires the public have the opportunity to provide input. Examples include the RTP and its updates and amendments, vision plans, TIP approval and amendments, public meetings, and the monthly Council and TAC meetings.

Public Involvement Plan

Cover of the 2022 Public Involvement Plan including three photos with NFRMPO staff talking with community members at outreach events.Every four years, the NFRMPO updates its Public Involvement Plan (PIP), which identifies the NFRMPO’s goals, desired outcomes, and strategies for the public involvement process. Additionally, the PIP identifies what the public should expect from the NFRMPO, including accessible and transparent information, and acknowledgment of the public’s opinions, values, and needs. Strategies include public comment periods, internet and media outreach, and partnerships. NFRMPO staff wants to ensure constant feedback is efficient and up-to-date, and as a result, studies techniques they can use for future outreach efforts.

The 2022 PIP was adopted by Planning Council on December 1, 2022. Major updates to the PIP include:

  • Lessons learned about public involvement during the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Guidance from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) including an increased focus on social media and virtual engagement opportunities;
  • Updated and new engagement strategies;
  • Evaluation strategies and metrics; and
  • A social media policy

Previous PIP

2019 Public Involvement Plan

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