Public Comment Opportunities

Public Hearings

The NFRMPO periodically conducts public hearings to provide a forum for public input on the Public Involvement Plan (PIP), air quality conformity, and other documents, and prior to major policy decisions such as VanGo™ fare increases.

There are no public hearings scheduled at this time.

Public Comment

The NFRMPO periodically provides public comment periods to provide a forum for public input on the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), and other documents.

2019 Public Involvement Plan

The 2019 Public Involvement Plan (PIP) is open for public comment through February 2, 2019. The 45-day Public Comment period opened on December 19, 2018. The 2019 PIP includes strategies and processes to include members of the public within the NFRMPO region in the transportation planning process. To provide public comment, please contact Alex Gordon at 970-416-2023 or, or submit a comment online.