Public Comment Opportunities

Public Hearings

The NFRMPO periodically conducts public hearings to provide a forum for public input on the Public Involvement Plan (PIP), air quality conformity, and other documents, and prior to major policy decisions such as VanGo™ fare increases.

Date Topic/Discussion
There are no Public Hearings scheduled at this time.

Public Comment

The NFRMPO periodically provides public comment periods to provide a forum for public input on the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), and other documents.

Topic Description Comments Due
Draft Regional Active Transportation Plan The Regional Active Transportation Plan (ATP) is open for public comment through June 11, 2021. The ATP updates the regional vision for bicycle, pedestrian, and other active transportation. This document is updated every four years and is incorporated into the long-range transportation plan. The ATP is available for review online (see link above) and at the NFRMPO office at 419 Canyon Avenue, Suite 300, Fort Collins, CO 80521. The 30-day Public Comment period opened on May 12, 2021. To provide public comment, please contact Ryan Dusil at (970) 422-1096 or, or submit a comment online. June 11, 2021

Plans and Programs in Development

The NFRMPO actively works on plans, programs, and projects throughout the year. The following Plans, Programs, and Projects are currently active. Outreach opportunities are highlighted for each project in the table below.

Credit: City of Fort Collins Active Transportation Plan (ATP)
The ATP will update the Non-Motorized Plan, addressing bicycle, pedestrian, and other human-powered modes of transportation.
Get involved: NFRMPO staff is seeking input through Community Remarks regarding gaps, benefits, and burdens with staying active. A survey is being developed. A Steering Committee will meet periodically to provide feedback.
2021 Coordinated Plan 2021 Coordinated Public Tranist/Human Services Transportation Plan
The Coordinated Plan, for short, is a federally required plan for recipients of FTA §5310: Enhanced Mobility for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities. The Coordinated Plan is completed every four years on behalf of COLT, GET, and Transfort. More information will be posted throughout the year.
Larimer County Senior Transportation Implementation Plan Cover Expansion of the Mobility Program
The NFRMPO Planning Council approved $1.2M over three years for the expansion of the NFRMPO’s Mobility Program, including the development of a One Call/One Click Center, technical assistance and support, and the further evolution of collaboration in Larimer and Weld counties.
Get involved: The Mobility Committees meet every other month and discuss Mobility-related topics. All meetings are open to the public.