Public Comment Opportunities

Public Hearings

The NFRMPO periodically conducts public hearings to provide a forum for public input on the Public Involvement Plan (PIP), air quality conformity, and other documents, and prior to major policy decisions such as VanGo™ fare increases.

Date Topic/Discussion
There are no Public Hearings scheduled at this time.

Public Comment

The NFRMPO periodically provides public comment periods to provide a forum for public input on the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), and other documents.

Topic Description Comments Due
US34 Self-Guided Public Meeting A self-guided online meeting is available to learn more about the US34 Transit Plan plan and provide your meaningful input on the recommended transit route and stops. View the meeting at May 31, 2024
TIP Amendment The May 2024 TIP Amendment is open for public comment through June 6, 2024. The 30-day Public Comment period opened on May 8. The Amendment adds one new project for the City of Greeley. To provide public comment, please contact AnnaRose Cunningham at 970-818-9497 or, or submit a comment online. June 6, 2024


Plans and Programs in Development

The NFRMPO actively works on plans, programs, and projects throughout the year. The following Plans, Programs, and Projects are currently active. Outreach opportunities are highlighted for each project in the table below.

US34 Transit Plan
The US34 Transit Plan is Phase II of the LinkNoLinkNoCo Phase I concluded in 2022 and Phase II kicked off in 2024. Check out Link NoCo Phase II: US34 Transit Plan.
Get involved: The Self-guided online public meeting is available through May 31 and can be accessed at us34transitplan.comA major part of the project is community engagement, sign up to receive updates on the plan.
2025 Active Transportation Plan (ATP)
The 2025 ATP will outline the region’s shared Active Transportation goals and improvements to the region’s Active Transportation System. The ATP is updated every four years and must advance the goals and objectives stated in the 2050 Regional Transportation Plan.Get Involved: Check out the Active Transportation Plan Project Website for more information.
RideNoCo Logo Expansion of the Mobility Program
In 2020, the NFRMPO Planning Council approved $1.2M over three years for the expansion of the NFRMPO’s Mobility Program, including the development of a One Call/One Click Center, technical assistance and support, and the further evolution of collaboration in Larimer and Weld counties. Now known as RideNoCo, the One Call/One Click Center is nearing completion of its initial roll out.
Get involved: The Mobility Committees meet once a quarter individually and once a quarter as a combined Northern Colorado Mobility Committee to discuss Mobility-related topics. All meetings are open to the public.