Greenhouse Gas (GHG)


HB19-1261 set statewide goals for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reductions compared to 2005 levels. The State’s GHG Pollution Reduction Roadmap, finalized in January 2021, identified strategies and GHG reduction goals for each sector, including transportation. SB21-260 required CDOT and the Transportation Commission (TC) to develop new policies and procedures for CDOT and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) to address GHG emissions.

In December 2021, the TC adopted revisions to the statewide transportation planning rules to incorporate a new GHG Planning Standard to address the GHG requirements in SB21-260. The GHG Planning Standard requires the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) in Colorado to determine the amount of GHG emissions from transportation projects included in transportation plans and take steps to reduce GHG emissions.

In 2022, The NFRMPO adopted its first Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Transportation Report and updated it’s Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) to comply with the State’s GHG Planning Standard. View the updated Plan at The associated GHG Transportation Report is provided in the following link:

NFRMPO Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Transportation Report (2022)



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