NoCo Bike & Walk Conference

Over 130 planners, engineers, public officials, and active transportation enthusiasts attended the Northern Colorado Bike and Walk Conference at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) in Greeley on November 5, 2015. Keynote speaker and Active Transportation Consultant, Mark Fenton, kicked off the conference by making the case for healthy community design as an economic driver. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Executive Director Shailen Bhatt described some of the initiatives CDOT is currently pursuing before introducing Governor John Hickenlooper. Governor Hickenlooper touched on personal memories of bicycling, the correlation between economic growth and bike-related spending, and addressed concerns regarding backlash from government spending on bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

After a networking lunch, groups formed to participate in a neighborhood walking audit or breakout sessions. A walking audit is an assessment of existing pedestrian infrastructure with consideration for pedestrian comfort, accessibility, and future improvement opportunities. The first breakout session discussed transportation funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects. The second breakout session allowed communities in the region to describe successful recent bicycle and pedestrian projects. CDOT Deputy Director, Michael Lewis wrapped up the conference with final thoughts on the future of bicycle and pedestrian initiatives in Colorado.

To learn more about the conference committee organization please visit the Northern Colorado Bicycle and Pedestrian Collaborative webpage.

You may direct conference questions to Ryan Dusil at or (970) 422-1096.

Conference Videos