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The Northern Colorado (NoCo) Bicycle and Pedestrian Collaborative meets monthly to discuss various topics and share information related to improving biking and walking in northern Colorado. Meetings are open to the public. Agencies and individuals interested in this effort are encouraged to attend. Meetings are currently being held the second Wednesday of every month from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. The in-person portion of the meeting are typically at the Windsor Recreation Center, 250 11th St. Windsor, CO 80550. Time and location are subject to change. View meeting materials for the agendas and login information, minutes, and special event details.

The NoCo Bike & Ped Collaborative has held infrastructure audits, bike rides with community leaders, the 2015 NoCo Bike & Walk Conference, and various other workshops and trainings.

2024 Meeting Calendar

  • January 10th
  • February 14th
  • March 13th
  • April 10th
  • May 8th
  • June 12th
  • July 10th
  • August 14th
  • September 11th
  • October 9th
  • November 13th
  • December 11th

NoCo Bike & Ped Collaborative Vision Statement

A safe, convenient, and cost-effective bicycle and pedestrian network for all.

NoCo Bike & Ped Collaborative Mission Statement

Advancing connectivity of bicycle and pedestrian networks in Northern Colorado for recreation, transportation and economic development through coordination, promotion, and education.

NoCo Bike & Ped Collaborative Goals and Objectives

Goal I: Coordination – Provide an open forum to coordinate, collaborate, and align regional bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, best practices, and performance metrics.

Objective 1: Share experiences and expertise, align efforts, and facilitate regional coordination of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

Objective 2: Regularly provide updates and evaluate progress toward the NFRMPO’s Regional Non-Motorized Corridors (RNMCs) and other regional projects, coordinate and align future efforts, and learn from ongoing successes and failures.

Goal II: Promotion – Promote investment in bicycle and pedestrian transportation infrastructure.

Objective 1: Partner to prioritize and elevate new bicycle and pedestrian projects.

Objective 2: Represent regional bicycle and pedestrian interests to the NFRMPO and other transportation planning agencies.

Objective 3: Advise and collaborate with the NFRMPO TAC and Planning Council during plan, project, and program development, and the biennial Call for Projects.

Goal III: Education – Share information and best practices that lead to improved safety and connectivity of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure across the region.

Objective 1:  Engage experts and share resources identifying the multi-faceted benefits investing in bicycle and pedestrian networks.

Objective 2: Coordinate or support an event (conference, workshop, training, etc.) annually to engage community leaders and other important stakeholders.

Objective 3: Provide expertise on bicycle and pedestrian projects, programs, and processes.

Objective 4: Share grant opportunities and coordinate applications among relevant agencies and organizations.

Objective 5: Educate & encourage local, regional, and state leaders to actively support investments in regional bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

Goal IV: Measure Growth – Measure growth of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and usage across the region.

Objective 1: Develop standard methods to track the implementation of the NFRMPO’s 2013 Regional Bicycle Plan and 2016 Non-Motorized Plan.

Objective 2: Report progress to the NFRMPO TAC and Planning Council.


Benefits of Active Transportation
2021 NoCo Bike & Ped Fact Sheet
2021 NoCo Bike & Ped Brochure
2021 NoCo Bike & Ped Values and Operating Principles

Questions or Comments?

You may direct NoCo Bike & Ped related questions or comments to Jerome Rouser at or (970) 422-1096.