Bike and Ped Safety Reporter

The NFRMPO identified several action steps to improve active transportation in the NFRMPO region as part of the 2021 Regional Active Transportation Plan. One of the safety-focused action steps is the development of a regional crowdsourced reporting tool to supplement crash data and identify areas in the region where individuals feel unsafe using active transportation. Often, parts of the transportation system are only deemed unsafe after an incident happens.

In 2022 the NFRMPO and regional partners worked to create and pilot the Bike and Ped Safety Reporter. The tool gives the general public the ability to report hazards to people walking, biking, or rolling without a major incident. Examples of hazards which can be reported are:

  • Accessibility Issues (missing curb ramps, tactile warning strips, audible crossings, etc.)
  • Not enough time to cross at a crosswalk
  • Poor lighting
  • Missing sidewalks, bike lanes, or crosswalks
  • Sidewalk or bike lane obstructed

The tool has been used by the general public to report hazards, by local governments to collect data, and by the NFRMPO for Bike and Walk Audits.

The tool can be accessed through ArcGIS Online at the link here:Bike and Ped Safety Reporter Tool.

To see all the reports submitted to date, view the Bike and Ped Safety Reporter Dashboard.

For questions about the Bike and Ped Safety Reporter, contact AnnaRose Cunningham via email at