Regional Corridors

As part of its Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) process, the NFRMPO established the Regionally Significant Corridors (RSCs), the Regional Transit Corridors (RTCs), and Regional Active Transportation Corridors (RATCs). These corridors are updated with each new RTP. The purpose of these corridors is to show the significant multimodal potential of these corridors and the consensus of planning partners and the public on where investment is needed.

Regionally Significant Corridors include roadway corridors that meet the following criteria:

  • All interstates, US and State highways
  • Eligible to receive federal aid
  • Crosses more than one jurisdiction or connects to an activity center
  • Will be complete by 2050
  • Serves regional traffic

Regional Active Transportation Corridors were initially established as part of the 2013 Regional Bike Plan and have been updated with the 2017 Non-Motorized Plan and the 2021 Active Transportation Plan.

Regional Transit Corridors have been updated with the 2050 Regional Transportation Plan to include:

  • Existing regional services
  • Corridors identified in the LinkNoCo project
  • Local and regional priority corridors

Regional Corridors Map

Below is a map that shows the adopted RSCs, RATCs, and RTCs approved by Planning Council on July 7, 2022. Each layer can be toggled on and off. In addition, tables below the map show the ID, name, and extents of each regional corridor.

Regionally Significant Corridors

Corridor Number Corridor Name Extents
From (North/West) To (South/East)
RSC-1 I-25 Northern MPO Boundary Southern MPO Boundary
RSC-2 US34 Western MPO Boundary Eastern MPO Boundary
RSC-3 US34 Business Route US34 MP102 US34 MP 115.5
RSC-4 US85 WCR80 WCR48
RSC-5 US85 Business Route US85 US34
RSC-6 US287 Northern MPO Boundary Southern MPO Boundary
RSC-7 SH1 Northern MPO Boundary US287
RSC-8 SH14 US287 Eastern MPO Boundary
RSC-9 SH56 US287 RSC14
RSC-10 SH60 US287 Southern MPO Boundary
RSC-11 SH257 SH14 SH60
RSC-12 SH392 US287 US85
RSC-13 SH402 / Freedom Parkway LCR17 US85
RSC-14 LCR 3 / WCR 9.5 Crossroads Boulevard Southern MPO Boundary
RSC-15 LCR 5 SH14 US34
RSC-16 LCR7 / LCR 9 / Timberline Road Northern MPO Boundary Southern MPO Boundary
RSC-17 LCR17 / Shields St / Taft Avenue / Berthoud Parkway US287 SH56
RSC-18 LCR 19 / Taft Hill Road / Wilson Avenue US287 US34
RSC-19 WCR13 SH14 Southern MPO Boundary
RSC-20 WCR17 Crossroads Boulevard Southern MPO Boundary
RSC-21 WCR 27 / 83rd Avenue / Two Rivers Parkway SH14 SH60
RSC-22 WCR35 / 35th Avenue Northern MPO Boundary US85
RSC-23 WCR74 / Harmony Road LCR17 Eastern MPO Boundary
RSC-24 8th Street US85 Eastern MPO Boundary
RSC-25 59th Avenue / 65th Avenue SH392 Two Rivers Pakway
RSC-26 Crossroads Boulevard / WCR66 I-25 Weld County Parkway
RSC-27 Mulberry Street LCR19 Riverside Avenue
RSC-28 Prospect Road US287 LCR5
RSC-29 4th Street WCR17 US85
RSC-30 O Street 83rd Avenue US85

Regional Transit Corridors

Corridor Category Name
RTC-1 Premium Transit Analysis Great Western
RTC-2 Premium Transit Analysis US34
RTC-3 Premium Transit Analysis Loveland to Windsor
RTC-4 Existing Service FLEX Express
RTC-5 Existing Service FLEX Local
RTC-6 Existing Service Bustang
RTC-7 Existing Service Poudre Express
RTC-8 Local Priority North College MAX
RTC-9 Local Priority West Elizabeth MAX
RTC-10 Local Priority Harmony Road MAX
RTC-11 Local Priority US34 Business Premier Transit
RTC-12 & RTC-13 Front Range Passenger Rail Front Range Passenger Rail
RTC-14 Local Priority US85 Transit Service
RTC-15 Local Priority SH56 Transit Service
RTC-16 Local Priority US34 West Loveland to Estes Park

Regional Active Transportation Corridors (RATC)

Corridor Number Corridor Name
RATC-1 South Platte/American Discovery Trail
RATC-2 Little Thompson River
RATC-3 Big Thompson River
RATC-4 Great Western / Johnstown / Loveland
RATC-5 North Loveland / Windsor
RATC-6 Poudre River Trail
RATC-7 Front Range Trail (West)
RATC-8 BNSF Fort Collins / Berthoud
RATC-9 Johnstown / Timnath
RATC-10 Greeley / LaSalle
RATC-11 US34 Non-Motorized
RATC-12 Carter Lake/Horsetooth Foothills Corridor