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What is LINKNoCo?

The NFRMPO desires to expand premium transit service to connect communities by preserving existing transit operations and identifying other areas that can move forward with premium transit services.

LINKNoCo will set the vision for a complete premium regional transit network and recommend top priority corridors for implementation to unite the North Front Range community.

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What is Premium Transit?

Premium transit means a service that offers more amenities and/or more frequent service than most local bus services. Current regional premium transit services that you might be familiar with in the area include Bustang, FLEX, MAX, and the Poudre Express.

Premium transit amenities could include:

  • Rail, bus, and other technologies
  • Bus arrival/departure information in real-time
  • Easy to navigate walking and biking connections to the stop/station
  • More frequent and/or regional service
  • Traffic signals that prioritize the bus over general traffic
  • Easy boarding with tickets purchased before you enter the bus
  • And much more!

What are the desired outcomes of LINKNoCo?

Desired Outcomes of the LINKNoCo Project

Building on Previous Efforts

The 2045 Regional Transit Element (RTE) embodies the North Front Range communities’ vision to advance an interconnected transit network. In addition, the Front Range Passenger Rail study was recently completed identifying additional opportunities to connect communities in the region. LINKNoCo will build on these previous efforts and identify the most promising transit corridors. Below is a map of the current and future corridors identified in previous efforts.

LinkNoCo Timeline

LinkNoCo Timeline showing public outreach and plan steps

Get Involved

A questionnaire about transit priorities in the region closed on November 9, 2021. Watch this space for more ways to get involved!

We are committed to providing an inclusive, accessible, and collaborative public engagement approach throughout the development of LINKNoCo. We invite you to join us on our journey to improve our transit system to better serve our neighbors, businesses, and visitors.

Share your ideas. We’re listening. Keep an eye out for upcoming opportunities to learn more and provide your feedback.

Questions or Comments

Email: info@linknoco.com
Phone: (970) 387-8058

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