US34 Transit Plan

What is the US 34 Transit Plan? 

The NFRMPO is developing the US 34 Transit Plan to provide fast, reliable, and efficient transit service along US 34 between Loveland and Greeley. The purpose of the Plan is to identify operating scenarios, capital investments, and phasing options for premium transit along US 34 between downtown Loveland and the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) area, with stops placed at major intersections, transfer stations, and regional activity centers. The expectation of the US 34 Transit Plan is to identify a premium transit option with the possibility for bus lanes, queue jumps, transit signal priority, and/or other transit investments. 

US 34 Transit Plan Timeline 

Project Initiation and Research February - May 2024 Transit research analysis Stakeholder meetings Self-guided online public meeting Scenario Planning June - August 2024 Develop transit scenarios Stops and ridership demand Stakeholder meeting Scenario Screening and Prioritization September - November 2024 Develop screening criteria Prioritize scenarios Stakeholder meetings In-person public open house Final Report December 2024 Present final report

Get Involved 

Your input is desired and critical to the success of this project! There will be several opportunities throughout the planning process to provide your thoughts on how this plan can best accommodate your needs and the needs of your community. Sign up for the distribution list to be notified of plan updates and opportunities for engagement.  

Project Contact

Becky Karasko, or (970) 289-8281.