Mobility Committees

The Mobility Coordination Program reports to a mobility committee in each county, the Larimer County Mobility Committee (LCMC) and the Weld County Mobility Committee (WCMC). Each committee meets every other month, and all meetings are open to the public. The goal of the Mobility Committees is to provide a forum for transit providers, human service agencies, and members of the public to discuss needs, to network, and to find creative solutions to mobility issues.

The Mobility Committees are guided by the Coordinated Public Transit/Human Services Transportation Plan, most recently updated in December 2021. Learn more about the MPO’s Coordinated Plan.

Larimer County Mobility Committee

The Larimer County Mobility Committee (LCMC) meets the third Thursday every other month from 1:30 – 3:00 pm. View schedule of upcoming meetings. View meeting materials.

Weld County Mobility Committee

The Weld County Mobility Committee (WCMC) meets the fourth Tuesday every other month from 1:30 – 3:00 p.m.. View schedule of upcoming meetings. View meeting materials.

Joint Mobility Committee

Twice a year, the LCMC and WCMC meet jointly to discuss topics of regional significance to each county.

The meeting schedule for 2022 is located in this PDF.

For more information, please contact Cory Schmitt at (970) 999-0072 or