TDM Action Plan

Transportation Demand Management

TDM Plan logoTransportation Demand Management, usually shortened to TDM, is a variety of strategies that can be implemented to incentivize alternative transportation and increase the capacity of our existing transportation system. The more people who drive alone, the more traffic – but it’s hard to travel if there aren’t enough options that fit your needs.

TDM Action Plan

The TDM Action Plan is being undertaken by the NFRMPO under the guidance of the Planning Council. The TDM Action Plan is being guided by a TDM Work Group whose membership is listed below. Public outreach will happen throughout the process and will be highlighted in the public comment page.

Planning Council approved the following tasks within the TDM Action Plan:

  • Set goals and vision for a regional TDM program
  • Identify current needs, programs, efforts, etc.
  • Identify partner agencies for ongoing partnership and implementation
  • Prioritize projects for funding and implementation
  • Identify potential areas to establish a Transportation Management Organization (TMO)


Kick-off: March 24, 2022
Expected Completion: Fall 2022

TDM Work Group

The TDM Work Group will meet consistently throughout the summer of 2022 and guide the work of the Action Plan. The members include:

  • Will Karspeck, Town of Berthoud and Planning Council Chair
  • Scott James, Weld County Commissioner and Planning Council Vice-Chair
  • Kristin Stephens, Larimer County Commissioner
  • Bill Becker, Loveland Chamber of Commerce
  • Wayne Chuang, Regional Air Quality Council
  • Melina Dempsey, Fort Collins/FCMoves
  • Bianca Fisher, Greeley Downtown Development Authority
  • Aaron Fodge, Colorado State University
  • Jaime Henning / Jason Jones, Greeley Chamber of Commerce
  • Ann Hutchison, Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce
  • Michael Millsapps, Aims Community College
  • Garrett Mumma, Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Matthew Robenalt, Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority
  • Brad Speer / Jim Mullin, JBS USA
  • Evan Wendlandt, Larimer County Economic Development
  • Rich Werner, Upstate Colorado