Public Comment Opportunities

Public Hearings

The NFRMPO periodically conducts public hearings to provide a forum for public input on the Public Involvement Plan (PIP), air quality conformity, and other documents, and prior to major policy decisions such as VanGo™ fare increases.

There are no public hearings scheduled at this time.

Public Comment

The NFRMPO periodically provides public comment periods to provide a forum for public input on the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), and other documents. Public comment opportunities hosted by other agencies for regional projects in the North Front Range are also indicated below.

March 2017 TIP Amendment

The March 2017 TIP Amendment is open for public comment through May 12, 2017. The 30-day public comment period opened on April 12. The Amendment includes five requests from project sponsors for project additions, reductions in funding, additional funding, or change in funding sources. On April 19, TAC recommended Planning Council approval of four of the Amendment requests. To provide public comment, please contact Medora Kealy at 970-416-2293 or, or submit a comment online.

US 34 PEL Study Public Meetings

The US 34 Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) Study, which began in early 2017, is a collaborative effort by CDOT and the US 34 Coalition to examine the US 34 corridor from Loveland to Greeley and identify improvements. Primary considerations of the study are safety and mobility. Two public meetings will be held for the public to learn about the study and share their thoughts.

Upcoming public meetings will take place on:

More information on the US 34 PEL Study is available from CDOT.