Transit Safety

The Federal Transit Agency (FTA) requires certain operators of public transportation systems that receive federal funds under FTA’s Urbanized Area Formula Grants to develop Public Transportation Agency Safety Plans (PTASPs) which include targets for transit safety performance measures. There are three public transportation agencies within the North Front Range which are subject to this rule: Transfort (City of Fort Collins), Greeley-Evans Transit (GET) and City of Loveland Transit (COLT).

Public transportation agencies are required to set the following performance targets annually for each mode of transit service provided:

  • Total Fatalities
  • Fatality Rate (per 100,000 Vehicle Revenue Miles (VRM)
  • Total Injuries
  • Injury Rate (per 100,000 VRM)
  • Total Safety Events
  • Safety Event Rate (per 100,000 VRM)
  • System Reliability/Major Mechanical Failures (VRM/Failures)

The NFRMPO is required to set performance targets for each of the specified performance measures. The NFRMPO Planning Council adopted the targets established by each of the public transportation agencies listed in the table below on April 1, 2021 with Resolution #2021-06. The PTASPs and the safety performance targets will be referenced in future updates to the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).

Transit safety target table for Transfort, City of Loveland Transit, and Greeley-Evans Transit for 2021